The day I was born 24″ x 36″, acrylic, 2020
“Raymond Swyers is an artist whose work caught my attention online. His passion for his work made me stop to review his posts with more depth. As a result I learned to appreciate the fantasy of the world he is creating in his work. His dedication and commitment to create has made me want to watch the development of his talent and the universes he creates so beautifully. Samuel Botero 👁”

Namaste! I celebrate the greatness in you! Raymond Swyers’ Artwork dances through the sky and puts a sparkle in your eye. He is a brilliant artists who’s art touches the soul of the captured.
Peter Anthony Moore

I was running thru my messages for Instagran a couples day ago when your art work caught my eye. I liked it because the context was urging fellow Americans to remember who they are and the message of unity and peace permeated the entire painting entitled: “Twilight’s last gleeming” without saying a simple word. It inspired me to paint My “Weeping Flag” to support his youthful enthusiasm. I hope many others emulate his actions! Judy Collins

Where we may have to flee

36x36in’. acrylic, 2020

Eating a sea of stars

24x36in’. acrylic, 2019